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Directors Guillermo Del Toro and Jeannot Szwarc interview honoring Rod Serling’s Night Gallery Part One
Interviews | Posted by TV Time Machine 06.01.11

Host Jim Benson interviews directors Guillermo del Toro and Jeannot Szwarc in a tribute to Rod Serling and his classic horror series, Night Gallery.

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It’s Good to Be the King: Interview with Mel Brooks
Interviews | Posted by TV Time Machine 05.01.11

Joining Jim on the latest trip aboard the TV Time Machine is entertainment legend Mel Brooks. The man who brought you the award-winning The Producers on stage and screen, as well as comedy classics Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein and Spaceballs,

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Technology on TV with Scientific American Magazine Editor-In-Chief John Rennie
Interviews | Posted by TV Time Machine 04.01.11

Having served as Scientific American Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief for over fifteeen years, John Rennie is welcomed by host Jim Benson for an interview exploring how classic TV shows such as The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits

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Interview with The ‘Soup Nazi,’ Larry Thomas, from Seinfeld
Interviews | Posted by TV Time Machine 03.01.11

Host Jim Benson welcomes his guest du jour, an interview with the actor who is probably best known for his classic TV role as ‘The Soup Nazi’ on Seinfeld, Larry Thomas.

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