Interviews | Posted by TV Time Machine 04.01.11
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Having served as Scientific American Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief for over fifteeen years, John Rennie is welcomed by host Jim Benson for an interview exploring how classic TV shows such as The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Star Trek and even Mr. Ed have introduced revolutionary technologies such as microwave ovens, nuclear energy, computer chips, and cell phones to millions of television viewers.

A Yale University graduate, John Rennie was only the seventh editor-in-chief in the 161-year history of Scientific American magazine. As a young man, John Rennie worked as an improvisational comedian, performing in New York and Boston. An expert in karate, he currently holds the rank of Nidan (second degree black belt).

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Introduction (Segment #1)
Name That Tune Part 1 (Segment #2)
Television (Segment #3)
Video Games (Segment #4)
Nuclear War (Segment #5)
Nuclear Energy (Segment #6)
Atom Smasher (Segment #7)
Name That Tune Part 2 (Segment #8)
Space Travel (Segment #9)
Space Technology (Segment #10)
Microwave Ovens (Segment #11)
Telepathy and Evolution (Segment #12)
Cell Phones (Segment #13)
Global Warming (Segment #14)
Name That Tune Part 3 (Segment #15)
Fax Machines (Segment #16)
Immortality (Segment #17)
Star Trek Technology (Segment #18)
Show Close (Segment #19)