Interviews | Posted by TV Time Machine 11.09.13
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TVManSteveFilmmaker Steve Kosareff is interviewed by TV Time Machine radio host Jim Benson about his new documentary film, TV Man: The Search For The Last Independent Dealer.

In this audio journey of the TV Time Machine, we ask you to adjust your vertical hold, as we open a window to the past in search of TV Man. In this edition of our program, we are pleased to welcome Steve Kosareff— writer, producer, director of the documentary TV Man: The Search For The Last Independent Dealer. Mr. Kosareff is a television archivist and author of the book Window to The Future, whose documentary takes us on a funny and poignant adventure, as he valiantly searches for the last TV repairman and independent dealer in America. TVManDealers

In this audio segment, Steve Kosareff helps us explore virtually every aspect of his nostalgic documentary, appearing in select theaters and available soon on DVD, but also talks about how his film tunes in to larger issues that go beyond the small screen. Again, for those of you intrepid enough NOT to change the channel, feel free to put on your rabbit ears, as we shut down our flat screen of the present, to warm up our cathode ray tube, of the past!

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Steve Kosareff TV Man audio interview

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