Since 2003, host Jim Benson has interviewed a galaxy of actors, producers, directors, writers and artisans from television’s past and present. But TV Time Machine is not your typical radio show. From Guillermo Del Toro to Gary Owens, from Matthew Weiner to Mel Brooks—when a guest travels on the TV Time Machine it’s not just an interview…it’s an adventure!

“TV Time Machine is one of my favorite shows, Jim Benson does a spectacular job!”—Gary Owens, Legendary Voice Artist and MC of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In

“That was a great little pastiche you put together, I’m proud of you!”—Mel Brooks, Comedy Film Legend

“Jim Benson is a splendid interviewer”—Lee Mendelson, producer of A Charlie Brown Christmas and all the Peanuts TV specials

“I admire what you’re doing. The show is beautifully edited and I’ve had a great time”—Leonard Stern, Executive Producer of Get Smart

“Not only is Jim Benson an accomplished television historian, he’s a great radio host who does not disappoint as he navigates through Mel Brooks’ life and television career like you’ve never heard before”—Brookslyn. Com

“Interviewing Matthew Weiner is challenging for an interviewer because he’s got so many ideas at once, and focusing him down a path is hard. But I have to say, Jim Benson here did an amazing job. A lovely interview!”— Basket of Kisses, A Mad Men Website

“Jim Benson has a great radio show called TV Time Machine and on it, he interviews some interesting people. There is no one in show business more interesting than Peter Falk and that’s who Jim snagged for a terrific chat.”—Mark Evanier, News From Me.Com

“Jim Benson, host of the TV Time Machine radio show, has spent plenty of time poking his head through the pop culture dryer, shaking the lint off of classic television and neatly folding them into entertaining, informative discussions about them. Who knows what sonic gems he has socked away in the coming months…stay tuned and find out!”—Frank Halperin, New Jersey Courier-Post