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For this journey, the TV Time Machine travels back to 1969 to explore a dimly-light, frequently frightening art gallery populated by bizarre canvases. Within this exhibit, a dark, intense, and somewhat mysterious host would guide television viewers through three seasons of captivating tales featuring the odd, the bizarre, and the supernatural.

Our guest is Scott Skelton, co-author of the book Rod Serling’s Night Gallery: An After-Hours Tour. In these audio segments, Scott and Jim discuss working together on the Night Gallery book and also serving as Historical Consultants on Universal Home Entertainment’s DVD release of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery Season Two.

In this interview, Scott Skelton helps us relive virtually every aspect of this memorable television series, and explores the career of a man whose genius and creativity is responsible for many of the medium’s finest moments, Rod Serling.

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Scott Skelton Audio Interview Segment One

In this segment, author Scott Skelton talks about the genesis of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery and Steven Spielberg’s directorial debut helming the series pilot (which included working with film legend Joan Crawford). Scott also discusses two classic Night Gallery episodes, They’re Tearing Down Tim Riley’s Bar and The Caterpillar.

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  • granatknauf

    I have several Night Gallery Readers at the house. None have rhe story “The Other Way Out”. Where can I find the story to read it?