Interviews | Posted by TV Time Machine 04.09.16
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JamieKalerSmallJamie Kaler, the host of America: Facts vs. Fiction, talks with TV Time Machine radio host Jim Benson about his docu-series about American History, airing on American Heroes Channel.

In this audio edition of the TV Time Machine, we welcome Jamie Kaler of America: Facts vs. Fiction. Mr. Kaler is a popular actor and comedian, and is best known for playing Mike Callahan in the hit TV series, My Boys.

Over the next audio segment, Jamie Kaler talks about hosting his hysterically historical TV series America: Facts vs. Fiction, which airs only on American Heroes Channel. Again, for those of you intrepid enough to prove that you can handle the truth, feel free to beat fiction to a pulp, as we leave our mythological past, so we can say just the facts man, in the present!

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Jamie Kaler audio interview

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